IT Sector

The IT industry is an essential component of the technology driven knowledge economy of this century. Due to its impressive IT industry, globally India has been recognized as a knowledge hub. The IT industry mainly encompasses e-commerce (online business), IT services, IT-enabled services (ITES), Software and Hardware products and so on. This industry is also instrumental in creating infrastructure to store, process and exchange of information for important business operations.

The IT-based services and products have become indispensable for any business enterprise to flourish and accomplishing success. This industry has a conspicuous impact in improving the productivity of almost every other sector in business ecosystem, it also has huge potential for fast growth of economic development.

Information Technology(IT) not only contributed to the economic development of the country but it has also made governance more responsive and efficient. It has made access to government services and information inexpensive and easier. Information Technology has also made management and delivery of government service (like health services, consumer rights etc., ) more effective with enhancing transparency.

To be Continued…

Sruthi Sreenivas

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