Women’s Equality

The great Indian myth is that if you study hard, everything in life falls in place. This is what made me learn and change myself accordingly. Coming from a middle-class traditional Indian family, I worked hard, abided by the rules, and received immense validation. With all of these hurdles, I completed my MBA in HR & Finance successfully.

I started my career as an HR IT Recruiter with Pearl. I remember my very first day when my Reporting Manager asked me during lunch “Are you comfortable here?” – I replied saying I easily adapt to new environments & people.

But as a young mother, my story is filled with: conflicts, confusion, trying to balance motherhood and a corporate career, to fit in this society and system. I began to feel an extreme sense of guilt for not being there for my child and missing few major milestones at work.

Regardless of all these, I’m lucky enough to be here at Pearl, because my work environment & people are supportive & caring to let go of my guilt up to some extent as I always enjoy working with my team.

 I thank my parents & my sibling for showering love & care to my child, THANK YOU to my better half, and THANK YOU to PEARL for all the support.

– Tanuja K

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