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Investing our experience in HR transformation & placements

We focus on quality led HR consulting services for every type of MSMEs functioning in India & abroad. Whether it is seeking permanent, temporary, or contract staffing, we provide streamlined HR transformational processes with fresh hiring practices needed for every aspect of human resources management.

We empower you with our strategic HR consulting initiatives With Smart Team

The hiring process to separation is all included in the HR Life Cycle, and HR is essential at every turn. Encourage change management within your company. HR can store, manage, and track all employee information, including personal information, job titles, pay, and tenure, with the use of effective employee data management.
Custom HR policies and transformation programs are developed by Pearlcon. These programs include thorough employee handbooks and training courses that enlighten and educate staff members on company benefits and policies at every stage of their employment. Create metrics for HR performance and market your human capital.
Use our strategic framework to match people management techniques to long-term business goals while taking changing labour demands and resource constraints into account. Our assistance is in creating an organizational structure that maximises assets and boosts efficiency, resulting in sustained prosperity.
There are many stages in recruitment process, we give importance from the start itself right from finding the relevant profiles to validating them based on the client requirements. From form submission to status tracking and process completion, your candidates will have a smooth screening experience thanks to our frictionless procedure.
Facilitate large-scale recruiting by conducting background checks on several applicants at once. Reduce expenses, free up time, and effectively manage resources. Handle a lot of verifications, monitor developments, and make confident hiring decisions.
By requesting feedback from our clients, we show them that you value their opinions. They get more invested in our business because we let them help to shape our business. we thereby build better relationships with customers by listening to what they have to say about our HR consulting services in india.

We partnered with 30+ companies

Our dedicated HR consulting team in chennai & pune offers you everyday assistance besides affordability with developing your HR strategies, job placements across india, and long-term maintenance in addition to integration of HRMS solutions. 


What are the components of HR Consulting solutions?

Giving guidance on significant issues including hiring, employee lifecycle, staff management, overall rewards, and more is a part of HR consulting solutions.  Their main goal is to assist in creating the long-term internal procedures and policies that are suitable for your company at this stage of its growth.

What are the key business considerations for HR consultancy?

 The consulting firm considers the target market, legal structure, management team,  financial, insurance and administrative requirements for functioning in the market.

They need to find lots of opportunities to acquire the clients in smartest ways possible among the competitors existing as we do. We have the well-planned , strategized and structured team to manage various challenges right from sourcing to on-boarding the candidates. 

How do we handle the workflow and process here?

Generally, we will adhere to a procedure for HR consulting process that consists of four definite phases: recommendation, analysis, implementation, and discovery.  

Our objective is to implement believable changes that will benefit both new and existing staff members as well as the general well-being of your company. We support employee engagement, strategic HR initiatives, and monthly HR support so that any adjustments to your HR strategy get the steady assistance they require.

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