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Pearlcon Technologies has pioneered in the HR Solutions space for more than a decade now. Our Group experience caters to Start-ups and Small and Medium Businesses (SMB) and that has earned us the deserved Perception in the Global Market.

Our HR Recruitment Services has fulfilled the immediate needs of our Clients within their allocated budget which turns out to be one of our Value Additions in this ever demanding Industry.

Clients of Pearl powerfully believe that we are their preferred Partner to expedite their Talent Acquisition process owing to our flexible approach and sustained support. Candidates in their job hiring process have a variety of demands in line with their Career aspirations. Also, we helps them in the way they want to discover the Employers of their choice.

Our IT Solution Services have been praised and acknowledged by big names in the IT Industry and this has led us to being recognised and sought out by many other organizations in this ever growing Industry.

Why Choose Pearl

Pearlcon Technologies helps the Clients with the market analysis of the skill matrix along with the respective budget to account for in order to expedite the hiring process so as to meet the demands of their end Customers.

Across Geo-locations

Our Tech Team provides Group for your requirements to hunt the Best Talent across geographies in India.

Technical Screening

With the profit margins becoming challenging day by day, it is getting harder for the Clients to justify the cost in line with the time investment. This is where Pearl Group, over the competition, enables our Clients by submitting the Profiles after screening the candidates technically by our Experts Team. This staffing service greatly reduces their efforts and hence the time to quickly complete the on-boarding process in order to meet the timelines set by their End Customers.

Multi- level Outsourcing

We have been the most sought after HR Consultant to our Clients and Prospects on the IT as well as Non – IT Verticals.

Learn from us

We have our own proven methodologies which we are ready to share it with you , you can learn it from us once after gaining the confidence you can implement that with your own HR and recruitment team if you wish so.

Our Services




With AI techniques, our Talent Acquisition Team sources the right matches for your need to onboard quickly. Our Strategy reduces your hiring cost as we evaluate the potential candidates technically on your behalf. Our Tech Team provides Consulting for your requirements to hunt the Best Talent across geographies .



Highly skilled with niche experience to drive your business forward. Our On Demand approach we will supply the right resource thus saving your training and operational cost. Our Contract Pool can deliver the expertise you need in the shortest possible timeline and also bring the unique perspectives and ideas on to your table.